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 Legit iLvl and affixes with Hero Editor

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Legit iLvl and affixes with Hero Editor Empty
PostSubject: Legit iLvl and affixes with Hero Editor   Legit iLvl and affixes with Hero Editor EmptyFri Aug 13, 2010 5:27 am

Alright, I've seen many people using NV level requirement, frankly, I have no problem with it. However, when I was making some gear I was wondering why when I socketed something, my gear would go over level 99 and I couln't wear it. So I looked into it, since i've seen it a lot, doing this is fairly old, but it's time to make it public for a lot of users, since most just go around using NV Level Requirements.

Alright, most people use this website, and if you don't, i'd recomend you start to use it:

That website tells you the affixes(some are wrong but a retard can figure out what they are) and the level requirements they spawn at.

So, if you use a ring like:

30% Cold Resist
30% Light Resist
30% Fire Resist
10% FCR
20 Strength
40 Life

The level requirement comes out to be 41; that's the legit way of doing it. Now the ring sucks massive ass, so don't use it. lol

Alrightl, now, this is how you do the legit level requirement:

When you go to edit a rings Quality, you will be given this tab that let's you edit the name, now if you look below that(RIGHT BELOW IT), you will see:

1,12 Magic Prefix1
1,12 Magic Suffix1
1,12 Magic Prefix2
1,12 Magic Suffix2
1,12 Magic Prefix3
1,12 Magic Suffix3

Click on each one of those and choose the affix for the selected item. The rings affixes that I listed are, and follows:

The Apprentice
The Mammoth
The Titan

Just put those affixes where they belong for the Quality of the ring.

Now a little secret: You can also change the color of your gear by doing this! Yes, you can finally have a cool looking white druid pelt you always dreamed of having! It's the same process, but you just have to look @ the Prefixes/Suffixes to get the right color of the pelt you want. Granted, it won't always be legit. Since editing the color of the pelt will replace whatever affix you chose for them. Just thought I'd let you all know how to make proper leveled items and color your gear.

Legit iLvl and affixes with Hero Editor 2yo9v61
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Legit iLvl and affixes with Hero Editor
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