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  Legit Median XL, How to make a level 120 without ANY Flaws in legitimacy.

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PostSubject: Legit Median XL, How to make a level 120 without ANY Flaws in legitimacy.   Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:36 am

Hello. I have been being asked how to make the stats on a Median XL character legitimate, because people can not seem to get the Skill points right. So this is how you do it:

1) (Assuming you have UDieMXL open already) Open the character. The character's inventory and Stats should appear. Set the EXPERIENCE to 999,999,999,999. (Just to be safe, this is guaranteed)

2) Considering that you can't set in UDie that you've received the reward for quest, just set skill points to 3. I'll explain this a little later. Do NOT change your stat points, this will cause bad character stats.

3) Close the stats and inventory screens. Open the Player Information screen and the Quests screen.

4) Set the Completed Difficulty to Hell, and leave the other difficulty alone for now.

5) On the quest screen, look for the green set of binary, and hold the one key. (Note: The dark gray will not change) Do this until all the quest logos are light gray, like they are when completed in-game.

6) Click to change the acts, and repeat step 5.

7) When this has been done for all 5 acts, go back over to the other difficulty tabs we left alone earlier. Switch it to Nightmare. You will notice that the quests will all turn dark gray again, like they haven't even been started. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 again.

Cool After this is done, switch the tab to Hell, and repeat steps 5 and 6 one more time.

9) Save the character file. (I do this because UDie crashes on me eventually) Close the Quests screen and open the Waypoints Screen.

10) Set the difficulty tab to normal again, and click on the waypoint squares to activate that waypoint.

11) Set the difficulty tab to Nightmare, repeat step 10. Then set tab to Hell, repeat step 10 again. Save. (and close, optional)

12) At this point, all the quests should say that they've been completed on every difficulty, and that every waypoint is activated on every difficulty. Enter a game on Hatred Difficulty with the edited character, and kill a monster outside of the Encampment. The character will now be level 120 with the base 120 stats.

13. On each difficulty, you will have the Act I and Act V tabs, but none of the others. Talk to Akara, and receive the reward of +1 skill point for the quest. Go talk to Warriv, and Travel West.

14) Go straight to Meshif, Travel East. Go to the Durance of Hate level 2, and find your way to level 3. Go into the Durance of Hate Levels 2 and 3. When in level 3, ignore the monsters and Mephisto. Just walk up to the portal and go in.

15) Talk to Tyreal, and get the reward of +2 skill points. Use Tyreal's Portal to go to Harrogath. You will now have access to all the waypoints.


And there ya go. You character should have over 3.1k hp without any added stats, have 595 stat points remaining, and 131 skill points remaining. If I am missing anything quest-wise that can affect the stats or skills, then do post here or message me and I will fix this post. For more legitimate stats, find a Signet of Knowledge, put it on a mule, and copy it 100 times on the mule. Take the mule into the game with your character, drop and use all 100, and repeat. (I'd make 101, 80 in cube, 20 in inv., and 1 in stash. You can close UDie this way, and you almost can not lose all of them by usage unless you are trying. Please note that after 1000 Signets have been used, any others will not work.) Have fun making Legit MXL Clones.



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PostSubject: Re: Legit Median XL, How to make a level 120 without ANY Flaws in legitimacy.   Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:14 am

lol, basiclky fo to sewers lvl 1-2, do it till lvl 30, then go cow level to lvl 40, then make with a friend d-cowa, ull get to 120 in 30 minuts xD
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Legit Median XL, How to make a level 120 without ANY Flaws in legitimacy.
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