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 Hexing Non Class Skills

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Hexing Non Class Skills Empty
PostSubject: Hexing Non Class Skills   Hexing Non Class Skills EmptyThu Aug 12, 2010 11:11 pm

Hexing nonclass skills

1. find the skill you wish to hex and add it as a nonclass skill to an item or charm (any lvl should work)
2. next go to the extra's found as a button on bottom right of the hero editor screen
3. along the bottom of the window that poped up you will see character hex, click that.
4. now scroll down to "64 skill ID's 4 (f1, f2, etc) select that option
5. now in the top bar with all the letters/numbers in groups of 2 is where you are going to enter the hex value
6. When you enter the hex value it will be in 4 sets of 2 digits so for example could be FF 00 00 00 is first skill and would be the right hand skill hotkey of f1, then for f2 you skip those 4 groups and go to the second.
7. so for hexed prayer you will have 63 00 00 00 then for f2 if u want hex skill prime bolt 186 (may not work, i just chose randomly) BA 00 00 00.

** To find the hex skill value
1 find the skill number which is located next to the skill name in editor I.E. prayer is 99, thorns is 103, bone armor is 68, inner sight is 8
2. opne up the calculator from your computer and enter that number to the calculator
3. click the "hex" button to convert the dec value which is the number u entered to the hex value
4. you will get a value of either numbers or letters or both.
5. in groups of 2, this value will be backwards
I.E. 186 shows BA, so remember that if 0 is first it will not show so it really should be BA 00 or 351 will show 15F, you need to flip the sets of 2's so it will really be 5F 01

How to change character name color with hex editing..................

1. First rename your character aaa(character name) so you got 3 A's in front of name.. rename and save

2. just like in skill u open extras and go to hex editing but dnt go to skill.. go to "16 character name" aka byte numbers 20

3. Just like in profile colors u need the ÿ and then c after it w/ a number so ÿc#.. here how u get

4. the 3 a's look like 61 61 61 then diff things based on letters so change first 61 to ff and the second 61 to 63...... now it looks like FF 63 61

5. the 3rd 61 is for the number yo want to decide the color of the name

6. what that is doing is just making ÿc# before the character name which changes the color, its the same thing you do with character profile to change the color there.

Character name colors:
31 red
32 lime green
33 "magic" blue
34 "unique" gold
35 grey
36 black (cant see hardly at all in game)
37 pale yellow
38 "crafted" orange goldish
39 pure yellow
40 white
Example of red colored name would be FF 63 31 xx xx xx xx (xx's are letters for your character name and dont really matter)
** i didnt list all colors bc there are more but you can expirement and find the rest

Profile colors numbers
ÿc0 – white
ÿc1 – red
ÿc2 – "set" green
ÿc3 – "magic" blue
ÿc4 – "unique" gold
ÿc5 – gray
ÿc6 – black (barely visible in the profile)
ÿc7 – same as 4
ÿc8 – "crafted" amber
ÿc9 – "rare" yellow
Example of red letters in profile is ÿc1 Hello, and the "hello" would show as Hello

***there are also ways to hex your life/mana values, str stats, life stats, gold, exp, etc. but there is a actual hex editor used for some of that and not achievable with just the standard hero editor

Hexing Non Class Skills Riw3r8

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Hexing Non Class Skills
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