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 Diablo II General Downloads

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Diablo II General Downloads Empty
PostSubject: Diablo II General Downloads   Diablo II General Downloads EmptyFri Aug 13, 2010 6:52 pm

Hero Editors

Consists of editors that can change/modify your character.

* Hero Editor v1.03 (5.50 MB) file/6gd72emkzqowygw/

* Hero Editor v0.96 (5.45 MB) file/bb966ic1ohoaf32/

UdieToo Median XL Editor v1.2c (10.99 MB)

Originally made by Svr, the UdieToo editor was heavily modified by whist and Bipolar_God to work with editing median characters.

Details :

Whist's udieMXL 1.2

Click here to download

-fixed the crafted/rare items bug/crash
-fixed more items that were showing as torch
-added/corrected some properties
-fixed the bug that ubercharms were showing as normal charm when not unique

please if you find any bug or problem, post here, but be precise.

also check my post below to get the source files of the editor.


Q: how do i install it?
A: Download it. extract all files in your diablo II folder. run UdieMXL.

Q: the editor don't work for me
A: then you use a mac or something like that.

Q: so it's a cheating program?
A: yes you can use it to hack, but i also use it to build legit characters.

Q: when i run the editor, it says: Itemstatcost.txt save bits does not match Properties.txt / Line 1 - ID 0 Bitsize 12
A: just ignore this warning and click "ok", the editor will continue to load.

Q: when i add remaining stats points on the editor and then open my character in game, it says "bad characters stats data"
A: don't add any rem stats points, it's a bugged option :s

Whist. file/kjxepdpgj8k2go3/

UdieToo's Hero Editor (100.79 KB) ?0b7y5vlf9a83tqr

Median XL

Files related to the popular mod Median XL.

MedianXL v1.F9b (132.81 MB)

The long awaited new release of the Median mod. This mod gives you a completely different Diablo II experience, with new Sets, Uniques, Rune words, Skills, Bosses, maps, etc.

Released on: February 2nd, 2010 file/ox1bd5o277rli7a/

Whist's Median XL Item Pack (271.81 KB)

A compilation of XL items that you can import to your character using UdieXL.

Last updated: June 3rd, 2010 file/8qaiq48c1ocr8pr/

Diablo Mods :

Diablo modifications meant to change and enhance your Diablo II experience.

HuMeR-AGm's Fairplay Mod (3.27 MB)

This fairplay mod disables many of the unfair or cheap dueling tactics in hacked dueling, including submerge, life tap, mercenary glitches, etc. file/r78z45l7btqt8vq/

All Classes Mock Mod (345.3 KB)

Made by HRC-Bhaad, this mod enables the telekinesis synergy for all classes therefore allowing any class to have a fully working PI. With this mod, many more hacked dueling possiblities are opened. file/yvho96a0ambpp92/

Anti-Funki Mod (673.48 KB)

Made by HRC-Bhaad, this mod moves all telekinesis levels up to 31-99 which renders most funkis imperfect and therefore killable. file/xc2aqru13mgth25/

No Knockback Mod (3.2 MB)

Inspired by Frodzet and made by Whaag, this mod prevents knockback so you are not forced to go into a corner to duel. file/ok75f0v9k44wb40/

Channel Bots :

Bots that access channels and give you extra functionability.

Stealthbot v2.7.1 (2.33 MB)

The latest release of the Stealthbot program which allows you to moderate any Blizzard channel without having the game.

Released on: October 19th, 2009 file/rt5aqmx0xbl1v7k/

Legit Item Packs :

Packs containing legit items that you can import and use on your character without having to make them. file/9nztfoqcyu3lh0t/

Diablo Server Files :

Below are the files necessary to creating your own Diablo server.

PvPGN 1.8.5 (3.05 MB)

his is the software necessary for creating your own gaming network. With this installed, your computer will act as a server. People can connect, create accounts, add friends, create games, etc. Required support files are included. file/o2z59rxwjbslq9j/

Gateway Editor (208.75 KB)

Use this tool to add your server to your list of realms to connect to. Anyone who needs to connect to your realm will also need to use this tool. file/0d9rap1zp7yqal0/

Mod Making Tools :

Here you will find many tools needed for making Diablo II Mods.

Beginner's Guide to Mod Making (557.17 KB)

Many great modders have started mod making with this guide. It covers how to use the following tools and how to do simple changes to get you started, then complex changes for you to learn everything there is to know. file/8fgqx4dby8vuim6/

WinMPQ (1.3 MB)

This program allows you to extract files from an MPQ archive. Very handy for mod making. file/j9lptpiji0j8xr8/

AFJ Sheet Editor (141.28 KB)

A very good tool for editing tab-delimited text files (text files extracted from MPQ files). Has features you'd expect in a spread sheet program and way better than D2Excel. file/ywx2pjp80xtpdc7/

AFJ Table Editor (81.92 KB)

Useful for adding new item names and such into your modification. A must have program if you add new items with new names. file/xavc4bf4dz37glq/

Text Files (399.56 KB)

The text files from the Diablo patch. These are the files you edit to make changes to Diablo. file/9e4cr5wyen45307/

CD Key Tools :

Tools that help you manage your CD Key(s).

CD Key Changer (419.17 KB) file/mftdutce3s3hord/

CD Key Viewer (24.31 KB)

This CD key viewer allows you to easily view the CD key you are currently using for Diablo II. file/u1rm8x1d1acw99m/

Game Hosting Tools :

These are some useful tools to use when hosting games so you can better control your games.

cPorts (57.2 KB)

This program allows you to monitor connections to your computer. With it, you can see who joins your games and you can kick them out by terminating the connection. file/uq5c03btivt5b5d/


D2Loader (93.57 KB)

This mod allows you to run Diablo II without a CD and run multiple copies of Diablo at any given time. file/sw8q79x4vuxsxjl/

HyperJoin (9.08 KB)

This mod that works with patch 1.13 allows you to join TCP/IP and games almost instantly. Do not enter closed with this file installed. file/35ap3fkdk1r8fpg/

D2Guard (11.15 KB)

This program allows you to kick or suspend unwanted players from your game. file/fgrdo2acd3uakxu/

Diablo Original Files (1.13c)

* D2gfx.dll (36.33 KB) file/zdkmh9q2i3auu2r/

* Patch_D2.MPQ (1.91 MB) file/a8fzsfzqkaas016/

* Diablo II.exe (11.45 KB) file/ukijs61wm376s8h/

* Game.exe (27.36 KB) file/gdvpqkliytp0wi8/

Diablo II General Downloads Riw3r8

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Diablo II General Downloads
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