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 Your Liege

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PostSubject: Your Liege   Your Liege EmptyFri Aug 13, 2010 9:30 am

I am Dan.
Dan i am.
I am your God.
The man with the Plan.
You can't me,
But i can see you.
Betray me;
I'll kill you, you little jew.

Now onto my story
interesting bit, it is.
The reach to epiphany
immoral bliss.
It starts at a house,
not far away from here.
there was a little troll,
grinning from ear to ear.

That little troll was me,
not a huge surprise.
Just lurking around the internet,
but then Shadowdiablo Caught caught my eyes
at first i wasn't interested,
i had better places to be.
but then a started trolling,
my face risen to see.

at first i ws easy,
little retards strolling along.
but then came Beefcake,
stroking his e-dick 14 inches long.
we then did battle,
to see who was king of them all.
the battle i had lost,
i had bacame his thrall.

time goes by,
i grow tired of his power.
i troll a lil bit,
caught his attention within a hour.
Trolling was an art,
he didn't know.
but soon he will; i'll put on a show.

Needless to say,
he was without a single word
to claim the opposite
would just be plain absurd.
The battle i had won,
was sweeter for hear.
made more delicious
by his flowing, pussy tears.

more time goes by,
more cancer arrives.
every day every minute,
my trolling ability thrives.
tears so sweet,
the crying nerds rage.
my smile grows wider,
each time i refresh the page.

Then the europeans came
sailing their e-ships from fagland.
bringing all sorts of cancer,
each signified by it's own brand.
at this point in this time,
my trolling is widely known.
these loser were no match,
they had to be shown.

"war einfach" and "illiterate parrot"
they would repeat all day.
i had known i already won,
they had nothing else to say.
now is the time,
i would brush them aside.
they were nothing, nobodies;
the time i will bide.

they continue ranting garbage,
in the broken english they speak.
pretending that they have worth,
my trolling at it's peak.
then it was over,
i took out the trash.
they were simple,
i have ridden /sd/ of a rash.

they remain on site,
quiet as a mouse.
they now know better,
'cuz dan is in the house.

thank you for reading,
hope the time was not a waste.
now i have slowed on the trolling,
keeping in a good taste.
copy this poem,
hang it on your wall.
and always remember,
who was the best troll of them all.
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Hacking Specialists
Hacking Specialists

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PostSubject: Re: Your Liege   Your Liege EmptyFri Aug 13, 2010 10:36 am

welcome but you never beat beefcake or the europeans, the war is never over the game has just started
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Mr Joe
Mr Joe

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PostSubject: Re: Your Liege   Your Liege EmptyFri Aug 13, 2010 11:16 am

No one beats the TRUE BEAF!
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Your Liege
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