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 Physical Immunity & Mana Values.

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Physical Immunity & Mana Values. Empty
PostSubject: Physical Immunity & Mana Values.   Physical Immunity & Mana Values. EmptyThu Aug 12, 2010 11:18 pm

Physical Immunity & Mana Values .

Physical Immunity :

What is Physical Immunity (PI for short) PI is were you take no damage from any source. Now only monster/bosses in the game can have true physical immunity, but as players we can create two kinds of PI, Funky PI and Mock PI. Both use Energy Shield and Telekineses synergy's of the Sorceress class to reduce or negate damage going to you life. At this point I will be only talking about Mock PI and will be describing Funky PI and Smite/Dodge later in the guide.

Mock PI

Mock PI is created using energy shield and telekineses to transfer your opponents damage to your mana, with up-to 95% of the damage to your mana pool and the remaining 5% to your life at level 99 energy shield. The main attributes and relational order of PI are as follows:

Energy Shield (or ES for short) + Telekinesis Level (or tkl for short) + Mana pool + Mana Regeneration + Damage to Mana% (or DTM% for short)

Energy Shield & Telekinesis Synergy Ratios

The synergy created by ES and tkl at higher levels creates a invisible roll-point in the game. The roll-points are positive to negative mana (or the Funky "Zero"; off-screen -8388607), negative to positive mana (real 0). Because of the tkl ratios your mana pool can be thought of as a kind of "Damage Reduction" vs differnent forms of damage. Tkl shown below allow your mana pool to absorb more damage as you increase the tkl level.

With just base ES with a level of 99 and no tkl for every 1 point of damage transfered to your mana pool by ES you lose 2 points of mana. So your mana pool can absorb a maximum of 4194304 damage. At a tkl of 16 for every 1 point damage taken you lose 1 mana point with a maximum absorbtion of 8388607 points of damage. With 30 tkl for every 8 points of damage taken you lose 1 point of mana, meaning this level is a 8 times ratio. At this level your mana is broken into eight 1048576 blocks of four positive and four negative mana blocks or ranges. At level 31 or higher tkl for every 16 points of damage taken you lose 1 point of mana, meaning this level is a 16 times ratio. The mana at this level is broken into 524288 blocks of 8 positive and negative mana blocks or ranges. Positive mana ranges absorb damage to life, and negative mana ranges GIVE damage to life. Because of this if you have negative mana range you will die in a few hits.


Mana is use to power your energy shield and the mana pool allows you to transfer 95% of damage taken to mana instead of life. To increase your base mana pool you use Mana+ and Mana% found in under the stats area in ZoneFire.

There are to kinds of Mana within a positive mana range, and they are:

Low Mana

Low mana allow you to absorb high auras. But die to low auras and capped thorn and/ or shiver damage. Typically low mana is from 1.04 million mana to 1.4 million mana.

High Mana

High mana allows you to absorb low auras and survive capped thorns and/or shiver damage. But dies to high auras. High mana typically has a range of 1.4 million mana to 1.572 million mana.

Mana Ranges

Mana Range/30tkl:
30tkl has four positive and four negative mana ranges of 1048576.

0 to 1048575 positive range
1048576 to 2097151 negative range
2097152 to 3145727 positive range
3145728 to 4194303 negative range
4194304 to 5242879 positive range
5242880 to 6291455 negative range
6291456 to 7340031 positive range
7340032 to 8388607 negative range

Mana Range/31tkl:
31tkl has eight positive and eight negative mana ranges of 524288.

0 to 524287 positive range
524288 to 1048575 negative range
1048576 to 1572863 positive range
1572864 to 2097151 negative range
2097152 to 2621439 positive range
2621440 to 3145727 negative range
3145728 to 3670015 positive range
3670016 to 4194303 negative range
4194304 to 4718591 positive range
4718592 to 5242879 negative range
5242880 to 5767167 positive range
5767168 to 6291455 negative range
6291456 to 6815743 positive range
6815744 to 7340031 negative range
7340032 to 7864319 positive range
7864320 to 8388607 negative range

Munky / fpi

Munky / fpi was developed by Fugitive and released to the public when he retired from D2. The roll-points for Munky / fpi happens every 32767 mana points above the Funky "Zero".

Munky / fpi On-screen Roll-points 31tkl:
31tkl has 15 on-screen roll-points of 32767


Munky / fpi is a normal mock pi with Red Smite on the left hand mouse button. Because Munky / fpi has "Zero" mana the smite attack looks like a normal punch animation on your screen, but looks like normal smite attack on other peoples screens.

One weakness of this build is the pi will pop to capped shiver damage (8388598 onscreen dmg). To help counter this use a -300 res build on a high mana (1441792 mana to 1540096 mana).

Negeative Mana Builds:

Funky PI

Funky PI is when you use the right mana value and tkl to get a off-screen value of -8388608. The most common Funky mana is 1048576 with a tkl of 30.The main point to remeber is the tk synergy increaces the ability of mana to ABSORB more points of dmg. Not increase the number of mana points you have. There is nothing in the game pointing to an invisible mana pool that just magicly sits there taking in millions of points of dmg. Sorry thats just the basic truth. Using TK simply allows your mana pool to absorb more dmg before hitting your life pool.

Using the example of 30 tkl, for every 8 points of dmg you take you lose 1 mana point. Simple. There is two ranges of mana, one positive, and one negitive. The positive range of mana can absorb from 1-8388607 points of dmg depending on your size of mana pool. The negitive mana range dosent absorb any dmg but instead will GIVE dmg to life resulting in the character popping to return dmg. The negitive mana range is called a imperfect funky. At the apex of the two mana ranges is a spiecal mana value known as the Funky "Zero". Its not the real 0 but instead has a value of -8388608. Because the highest dmg you can have is 8388607 points the funky "Zero" completly negates all incoming dmg and your mana pool can absorb a unlimited amount of dmg.

Funky roll-points/30tkl:
*Equals -8388608 off-screen mana / perfect funky mana value, can be used for perfect mana-lock. For a imperfect mana-lock use a number range from 1-1000 above perfect funky "Zero".
#Equals 0 off-screen mana / non-funky / Real "Zero", can't be used for mana-lock.

Grief PI

Grief PI is a normal Funky PI with Red Smite on the left side. Because the Grief PI have "Zero" mana the smite attack looks like a normal punch animation on your screen but it will look like normal smite on other people's screens. You need to cap your mana regen because the Grief character will take damage from thorns. When you use red smite you use mana and this will move the mana away from the funky "Zero" for a split second. This is when you will take return damage from thorns.

Bad Mana
~Onscreen mana used with a TK ratio to give a negative "offscreen" value.
~Can use Mock PI healing methods to heal life globe.
~Reduces the damage passed to Life greatly if not completely as may be used similar to funki.
~Can use multiple diff Res/Absorb setups like a Mock PI.
~Basically uses a Mock PI set up with damage reduction characteristics of a Funki mana.


You take a normal mock mana level and on shield switch to change your mana to a negiative value. The off screen mana value on the mock side is 8388606 and you add 1 energy point on the lock side that chanages your off screen mana to -8388608 which is a perfect funky mana value. Now one thing that people make a mistake with is they think you can only get a perfect funky lock if they use 1048576 mana with a TK level of 30. But you can get 4 mana locks with that TK level. One thing to remember about mana is that's it is made up of a number of roll-points like anything else in the game. The positive range for roll-points in D2 are 0 to 8388607 and the negative range is -8388608 to -1. Below is the funky mana ranges for use with 30 TK:

Examples of stable funki mana without decimals

telekinse lvl 30

8190 mana +78*223 mana +1*16 mana = 25600 mana 75*53% max mana + 1*21% max mana = 3996% max mana 25600*(1+3996%/100%)=1048576 (0/1048576)

telekinse lvl 28

8190 mana +110*223 mana +1*48 mana =32768 mana 118*53% max mana + 1*46%max mana = 6300% max mana 32768*(1+6300%/100%)=2097152
(in real 32766/2097150 you need +1 energy )

telekinse lvl 28

8190 mana +78*223 mana +1*16 mana = 25600 mana 152*53% max mana + 1*36%max mana = 8092% max mana 25600*(1+8092%/100%)=2097152

telekinse lvl 26

8190 mana +135*223 mana +105 mana = 38400 mana 152*53% max mana + 1*36%max mana = 8092% max mana 38400*(1+8092%/100 )=3145728

telekinse lvl 24

8190 mana +192*223 mana +194 mana = 51200 mana 152*53% max mana + 1*36%max mana = 8092% max mana 51200*(1+8092%/100%)=4194304

telekinse lvl 22

8190 mana +192*223 mana +194 mana = 51200 mana 191*53% max mana +1*17% max mana = 10140%max mana 51200*(1+10140%/100%)=5242880

Should you miss some mana you can add energy points.


Smite/Dodge is different game attributes that allow you to dodge smite. To create Smite/Dodge use the following game attributes: hexed monster-skill Submerge to enter Smite/Dodge, hexed monster-skill maggot Down to enter Smite/Dodge, NV State Player Body (you can't attack or be attacked, also will crash a game when entering), NV State invis, hexed monster-skill Emerge to exit Smite/Dodge. Also note that you can still take return damage from thorns/barbs auras and ATD+/ATD BOCL.

Mana Regeneration :

Mana regeneration refills your mana pool so your energy shield stays up. For fast mana regeneration you add regenerate mana plus%. To find out the right amount of mana regeneration % use the formula below:

A = 8388607
B = Mana Amount
C = 3000
D = 100
ManaRegen = Total mana regeneration.

ManaRegen = ( A / B ) * C - D

Please note that if you wish to use Warmth skill on the skill tree it counts approximately as 1206% at level 99.

For example you want to cap mana regen for 1048576 mana. Use this:

8388607 / 1048576 = 7.99999904632568359375

7.99999904632568359375 x 3000 - 100 = 23899.99713897705078125

Round that number down you get 23899. Now you want to spread that number over your gear:

23899 / 255 = 93.721568627450980392156862745098 or 93

93 x 255 = 23715

23899 - 23715 = 174

Now that you've done that you need to use 255% mana regen on 93 pieces of gear / ith jewels / charms, and one 174% mana regen on 1 piece of gear for capped mana regen on 1048576 mana points.


Many say its not useful to cap your Mana reg just by using Meditation but that’s wrong, it saves large amounts of space and works perfectly fine

Mana regeneration in % = ( Skilllvl –1 ) *25% + 300%



Damage/Range Roll-points (1.09D and 1.11 patches):
1 to 8388607 Positive Range/Damage (off-screen damage/range is the same as on-screen damage *)
8388608 to 16777214 Negative or Null Damage/Range (off-screen damage/range is -8388608 to -1 *)
16777215 to 25165821 Positive Range/Damage (off-screen damage/range is 0 to 8388607*)
25165822 to 33554428 Negative or Null Damage/Range (off-screen damage/range is -8388608 to -1 *)
33554429 to 41943035 Positive Range/Damage (off-screen damage/range is 0 to 8388607*)
*In 1.09D patch positive damages will kill 1/3 Physical Absorbs (PA for short) and negative damages will kill 0/2 PA. For PA use negative ranges for abs to create the best blocking abs.
In 1.11 patch negative damage/ranges become null damage/range. For damage they do nil/no damage and for Physical Immunity (PI for short) they create a imperfect funky where damage return moves the mana into a greater negative value resulting in a instant death.

Damage to Mana:

DTM% is useful in the amount that works best for your character it all depends on the rest of your build and how does it work when you receive smite damage and smite damage only it adds the % * damage received to life to your mana and if you would go above your max amount of mana then you do for only a 1/25th of a second then you go back to your max mana. Use the formula below to calculate your DTM% amount:

DmgCap = 8388607 (Damage Cap/Roll-point)
PvP = 0.17 (Player-vs-Player Penality)
ES = 0.05 (damage to life)
ESAbs = .95 (damage to mana pool)
DR+ = Total dr+ on character
DR% = 0.5 (Cap for Damage Reduce%)
CapSmite = Capped Smite
FinalDmg = Final phsycal damage to life
ManaDmg = Mana damage
TKRatio16 = Tkl synergy ratio of 16 for tkl of 31+
TKRatio8 = Tkl synergy ratio of 8 for tkl of 30
ManaDmgRegen = Total damage to mana needed to be regenerated
FinalDTM = Final DTM% amount

CapSmite = DmgCap * PvP
FinalDmg = CapSmite * ES - DR+ * DR%
ManaDmg = CapSmite * ESAbs
ManaDmgRegen = ManaDmg / TKRatio16 (or TKRatio8)
FinalDTM = (ManaDmgRegen / FinalDmg) * 100


1.How does it work ?

Every dmg dealt to our life by physical melee or missiles is used to give us Mana back

Example : Smite moves our life by 100 and we are having 100% DtM so we gain 100 Mana every time we get hit.

DtM is not applied to reflected dmg !! ( thats why we are dying to thorns if we are using high stun%)

2.How to get the correct values in battle ?

As long as our Manapool is filled, our life are more or less save, so why shouldt we add the highest % that our Mana can take.

Only thing we need to respect is the so called overreg caused by too high amounts of DtM

Definition Overreg :

If our total Manapool exceeds 8388607 Points ( Mana left + Mana gained of DtM) our Mana is set to 1.

→ We take huge dmg
→ Our Es can break
→ Our Mana has to regenerate through all ranges ( That means we can get hit while we are in Bad Range)

3.The best values

The highest amount of Mana we get through Dtm is when the highest dmg is applied to us, so we need to differ between HPJ and LPJ DtM values

a ) HPJ values

This position serves us from the „evil“ Bad mana range so the highest dmg is when a doublehit proceeds

During this Doublehit we get at max : (1426063 -DR) /2

i)no DR involved : 713031 Dmg → up to 1029% DtM is possible
ii)Max Dr → up to 1037% DtM is possible

b ) LPJ

Bad Mana Range → we take higher dmg → less DtM can be used

the Problem here is it all depends on how many Mana is drained by our Prayer
so to get the Max Dtm% you can use as Lpj is determined by :

Max DtM = (14680062+2*PMd)/(1426063+Pmd*16-DR)

Pmd = Prayer manadrain

This formula only is correct if your Tk is 31+

Further things we learn through all this:

Fugitives Pi can not work because every Mana takes the same highest Dmg

Credit given to Set for Explanation in Mana/Physical dmg Values.

Physical Immunity & Mana Values. Riw3r8

Never Retreat , Never surrender. What we do in life , Echoes in eternity
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Physical Immunity & Mana Values.
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