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  Life Values & Regeneration.

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 Life Values & Regeneration. Empty
PostSubject: Life Values & Regeneration.    Life Values & Regeneration. EmptyThu Aug 12, 2010 11:16 pm


Life values that are commonly use are 6 million to 7.8 million. The higher the life value the greater you will be able to absorb to heal your life.
To add life to a character use life+ and life%. You can also use Oaksage aura (aura # 298) and stack it like other auras.

Oak Sage

This is the Aura with the highest number ( #298 ) it can be used to cancel out every other Aura and make them a passive. Im using it instead of life 53% as Oak Sage uses less File size

Life % = ( Skilllvl –1 ) * 5% + 30%

Life Regeneration

There are two ways to regenerate life:

1. By using replenish life attribute.
2. Or by using the aura #99 Prayer. Use as much as 5000 level of prayer stacked on all your gear, ith jewels, and on charms. When you place them on charms ONLY use prayer aura because if you stack auras together the are both reduced by 50%. Then place non-class prayer aura on your right hand side. Use either level 1 or 99 it's your choice.

Not many people can calculate their heal now it will be diffrent :

1. Get total Lvl of Prayer
2. Get heal of this Lvl by using the formula
3. Multiply this Heal/ Manadrain with your number of active sources

Prayer heal = ( Skilllvl –28 ) *3 +41

Prayer Mana drain = ( Skilllvl –28) *0,376 + 6

Low Life

The best low life value is (2²³-1)/2 = 4194303. It is immun against overheal and is still high enough. The advantages of low life are no over heal and less space. The disadvantages are higher chance to die fast because of pi breaks or against gap auras or pt's.

Better life values are over 6 mil.

High life

With positive resistances and high mana we can use 8,05 mil hp, otherwise are 7 mil -7,8 mil better. Higher life can die on over healing/absorb.

2 equal pt one with 4 mil hp the other with 8 mil hp. The pt with 8 mil hp would win.

High life is always better then low life.

Resists and Absorbs

Resists allow you to reduce elemental damage for auras. It is recommended that you have 75% on-screen resists on your character and a total of 45961% (or 59 times 779 BOCL) resists off-screen because the most stacked Peirce you can stack is 45390%. To add resists to your character add cold, fire, lightning resists BOCL under the by level section in ZoneFire.

Absorbs allow you to heal off elemental attacks. After your resists have reduced the elemental damage your absobs then clean up any damage that gets through and adds it to life to heal.

Cold pierce is the highest because of the passive sorc skill cold mastery, against it we need:

If no weapon 178*255%+1*510%(passive sorc skill cold mastery)+150%(conviction aura)+100%( not sure hell difficulty)= 46150%

If with weapon 198*255%+1*510%(passive sorc skill cold mastery)+150%(conviction aura)+100%( not sure hell difficulty)= 51250%

If socket glitch 254*255%+1*510%(passive sorc skill cold mastery)+150%(conviction aura)+100%( not sure hell difficulty)= 65530%

If socket glitch with muled jewels we need higher resistances. SG is not allowed on ladders but is part of the game.


After the opponents dmg was reduced by Pvp penalty and after Energyshield resists kick in first. They reduce the incoming dmg by exactly the percentage you got displayed in your Character screen

Example :

You have +75% Onscreen resists and you got hit with a capped Aura dmg

1426063dmg *(1-Resists%)
= 1426063 * (1 - 0,75)
= 1426063*0,25 = 356515,75 dmg

Pierce ( reduce enemy resists)

this attribute can be used to lower your opponents resists and to higher your chances of Aurakilling him

Maximum % pierce

Fire : 50490% ( gear) + 100% ( Hell difficulty) + 150% ( conviction)= 50790%
Light: 50790%
Cold: 51251% ( dont forget about passive cold mastery)

--> you will need at least 66 times resists bocl to be save to Aurakillers

NOTE: If you are using socket glitch ( adding jewels ingame) you can have up to 65531% thats why Hosts should have 66k resists to be save

Build diversity based on Resists:

1. Regular +75%
2. -100% ( use -resists by time as they take less space)
3. more than 75% ( if you are greedy with absorbs-> personaly is dont like this)
4.Perfect resist setup ( if your opponent is not using a random number of pierce you can use resists that suit your sorb best)


We got many possibilities

Abs by time
Abs bocl
abs 127
abs 127%

First of all use 127% once per element it is capped at 40% and higher amounts do not multiply your stacked absorbs
the best choice for stacked Absorbs is the bocl one because it needs only 2 bytes every 779points

so we can have a total of : 178*779= 138662 ( thats the amount thats usually used)

How does it work ??

lets catch up the example from above:

356515,75 dmg is left after resists

now both abs% AND stacked absorbs kick in ( % before stacked)

356515,75 * 0,6 = 213909,45 in the same turn abs % adds the difffrence of 142606 to our life

213909,45 - Stacked Absorb ( normally its 138k) = 75909 in the same turn the 138k are added to our life

so we got 280606 additional life but there is still a leftover of 75909 so the actual life gain is :

280606-75909 = 204697

=> we need to stack 213k absorb to fully absorb a capped aura dmg ( so called perfect sorb)

NOTE: Absorb by time does not work as Host !!!

Credit given to ToXiC for Information about Life values & Regeneration.

 Life Values & Regeneration. Riw3r8

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Life Values & Regeneration.
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