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 Attack speed, Damages and Defence.

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Attack speed, Damages and Defence. Empty
PostSubject: Attack speed, Damages and Defence.   Attack speed, Damages and Defence. EmptyThu Aug 12, 2010 11:13 pm

Attack and Speed

Attack Rating

We use negative AR (Attack Rating) to hit negative DR (Defense Rating). To set this up you need to use a dexterity score of 1-3. This will set your AR to -45.

Target Defense

TD% (or Target Defense%) lowers your opponents DR so you can hit them. Use 400-500% of TD% and you will be able to hit someone with negative DR. I use 1200% or 4000% TD% myself but you don't need that much. It's just my personal preference to use that much.


The different speeds we use in D2 are very important. We use negative speeds in the game because they use less file space. Here is a full list of each and what they do and some common spreads:

Increase Attack Speed

Increase attack speed (or IAS) is used to time your attack speed. Most people also like to use the non-visible attack speed to help fine-tune their attacks. The common spreads used are -121, -159 with 25 NV Attack Speed, and -164.

Faster Hit Recovery

Faster hit recovery (or FHR) is used to time how fast you recover from being hit. With some people using low sStun% with smite you should use -36 for FHR because it will help slow down sStun.

Faster Cast Rate

Faster Cast Rate (or FCR) is used to time your caster rate for skills. Two common spreads are -121 and -164.

Faster Run Walk

Faster Run Walk (or FRW) is used to time your run/walk speed. To get the "Warp-speed" run & walk use -164.

Delerium Change and NV Dopplezon

With the correct skills and NV States you can have your character to attack up to 12 time per second. To set this up use the monster skill 350 Delerium Change)** level 59 on attack and hit, and use the NV State Dopplezon.



Smite is the main form of attack that all the different builds use. Smite allows you to attack and hit NV D/E/A and hits 95% of the time. Smite caps at 714k damage after DR% and PvP Penalty. To incease your base smite damage use Damage+, Enhanced Min Damage, and NV Damage% attributes in ZoneFire.

1023 strg + 45*779,6 strg + 945% dmg ( smite lvl 63 ) = 37050 % dmg

45*491 dmg + 485 dmg - (min shild dmg)
for example shild dmg 2 - 3 ( if " small shild " )
45*491 dmg + 1*483dmg + 2 dmg = 22580 dmg

The min dmg from this shild is 2 together with 483 dmg = 485 ( 491-8 = 483 )

22580*(1 + 37050%/100%) = 8388470 max dmg is 8388607 pvm

The real damage is higher because of the strg bocl. If the bearsmiter would hit himself he would have 15 hp after one hit, after this clone he would have 4 hp ( no open wounds !)

15592 / 20 = 779,6
123180 / 158 = 779,6202531645569620253164556962

(2²³-1)*0,17=8388607*0,17 = 1426063 real smite dmg pvp
(after dmg reduce 50% 713031,595 if no ES and no dr 63)

779,6% more dmg are better than 511% and nv 255% enchant dmg together

This smite setup need only 91 normal magics and 1 skill magic attribut

DMG: (perf Cap)
Base STR 1023
Smite LVL 63
(45x str 779bocl + 45x +491dmg) for close to cap
+468dmg for Luna
+471dmg for Hyperion
+473dmg for Monarch
+467dmg for Aegis
+459dmg for Blade Barrier
+461dmg for Troll Nest
+474dmg for Ward
+469dmg for Heater
100% Chance of Open Wounds
100% Chance of Crushing Blow

You can use the sStun Glitch to deal out more physical damage from smite. To add the sStun glitch use the following:

1. Add skill #139 stun on attack.
2. Use level 10 and a 10% chance.
3. Add skill #139 stun on hit.
4. Use level 10 and a 10% chance.

This will give you a low sStun glitch on your mock pi sorc and you will deal more damage, but note you will also take more return damage and will die faster as a result. To use the High sStun glitch just use a % chance of 90% but only use it on a sStun/Funky because you'll die instanly to todays thorners.

Thorns & Attacker Takes Damage

Thorns aura (aura# 103) and Barbs aura (aura# 296) are used to return your opponents smite damage back to them. The physical damage cap for thorns/barbs is 714k the same as smite. Todays thorners are commonly known as Prayer/thorners or P/T's for short. They stack thorns/barbs levels above 4000 level and have prayer levels close to 5500. They can shread low manas fast with capped smite and low sStun.

Thorns and Barbs :

Should be Well known all I do is to give the formula :

Thorns return in % = ( Skill lvl –1 )*40% + 250%

Barbs return in % = ( Skill lvl –1 )*10% + 50%

As you can see Thorns is 4 times stronger than Barbs !!!

Pure Thorners

Pure thorners use level 5500 thorns and no prayer on the character and a level 99 non-class thorns on the right mouse button. To heal you need to stack your absorbs BOCL to 120k and use a -100 res setup to heal from aura damage. If you go up aganst a P/T you will die because you have no prayer and no aura to regenerate life.

Attacker Takes Damage

Next we have Attacker Takes Damage attributes, (ATD for short), ATD, ATD by time, and ATD BOCL, to return you opponents physical damge from smite. It works just like thorns/barbs but it allows you to return damage over the normal 714k thorns damage cap because it stacks seportly from thorns. A big plus to any P/T!

To cap your thorns aura use the following set-up:
620 level thorns/ barbs aura on helm, shield, rings and amulet. 465 level thorns/barbs aura on armor, with 186 level thorns aura on gloves and boots, and 44 level thorns aura on the belt. For a total of 3981 level of thorns and 3100 level of barbs with DR+ level of 2520. This will return 714k damage which is the cap for thorns. If you add even 1 level of thorns/barbs more it will roll the return damage meaning NO DAMAGE.


Holy auras are used to ping your opponents life with elemental damage. There are three main damage spreads with holy auras: Low (used to hit 1.20 million to 1.40 million mana), High (used to hit 1.40 million to 1.572 million mana), and Very High (used to hit -100 res 1.572 million manas). The main idea of an aura is to push your opponents mana as close to a moving "Zero" as possible with not much dmg getting to life where it can be used to heal. Low mana's heal off high auras because there is an exese of dmg needed to make low mana's hit the moving "Zero" and the excess dmg goes to life where it will be absorbed to heal off of.

A ) Stacking Auras

Barbs, Thorns, Meditation, Oak Sage. These Auras add up all the Lvls and launch ONE Aura with exactly this Lvl ( e.g. Lvl 4700 Thorns … ) all you need is one item with this Aura being the Aura with the highest number to ACTIVATE it. These Auras can not be weakened this has always been a myth.

B ) Separate Auras

Holy Auras and Prayer. What they are doing is unique, they add up to the total Lvl and then EACH Item with these Aura being the Aura with the hihgest number will launch its own ACTIVE SOURCE. ( 40 Charms with Prayer only will launch 40 active sources ). So we need to classify them a second time

I) Active Sources
Each item with Prayer ( Holy Auras ) as the Aura with the highest number gives us + 1 Active source. Ith Jewels are classfied as 1 Item and Magic + Set Magic Attributes will not launch 6 Sources no they will just launch ONE. The ith Weap works a little bit different from that , its Level does not add up its just launching 8 Active Sources ( So just use 7 non-ithed Jewels each equiped with Prayer; you don’t even need the magic attribute on the weapon itself ).
So the maximum number of active Sources will be :

6*7 ( Jewels ) + 40 ( Charms ) + 9 ( Magic + Set Magic) + 8 ( ith weap) = 99

II) Passive Sources
Not hard to get whats left. That is every Aura that is not the highest number on an Item. They will not launch their own sources …they act more or less like Mastery ( just for the total Lvl )

Moving "Zero" / Double-Hit

After smite and/or aura hits you, it knocks you into a mana of 0 (the Funky "Zero", 1048576 mana) and thus you take lots more dmg after the on-screen Mana hits the "Zero", which is also called the moving "Zero". Then the mana pool cannot absorb any more damage sending 100% damage to life.

The moving "Zero" is the same as a double-hit, but people only call it a double-hit, when the moving "Zero" is to their favor.

To calculate your dmg just use following steps :

1. Get total Lvl and total amount of Mastery ( including sorc Mastery skills )
2. Get the actual dmg of this Lvl by using the formula
3. Multiply this dmg with ( total Mastery + 100% )
4. Multiply with active Sources to get total dmg

Note : My Formulas give PvM dmges, so if you got an Aura dmg of more than 8388608 it will be marked as rolled ( of course for 1 single active source ). To get Pvp dmges just multiply your total dmg by 0,17

There are three holy auras:

Holy Shock

Holy shock aura is a wide spread aura that can be used to hit larger mana ranges then fire and freeze. This should be the aura you start with because it can be easyer to work with and get results when you are first starting out. The damage spread is very wide going from approx. hundreds of thousands to several million points of damage.

Holy shock : ( Pvm Dmg )

Holy shock dmg = 1(min) bis ( totallvl – 28 ) *15 +248( max dmg )

( Note : Pally-Syn = 1585% ; Blitz Mastery 1226% )
Note :
Pally synergies are applied before Mastery is !!! The numbers in [ ] are min and max dmges

Holy Freeze

Holy Freeze is most likely the best aura out of the three because its more stable and can be used with shiver to hit low mana's very hard. The damage spread for holy freeze is very close, a few of tens thousands, you can use it to target a opponents mana range better then holy shock because of how close the damage spread is.

Holy freeze : ( Pvm Dmg)

Holy freeze dmg = (totallvl –28 ) * 5 + [67] + [68]

( Note : Pally-Syn = 2178% )
Note :
Pally synergies are applied before Mastery is !!! The numbers in [ ] are min and max dmges

Holy Fire

Holy Fire is the most challenging aura to create. But it can be the most powerfull because it can be used to pin your opponents mana down allowing for more double hits. The damage spread on a holy fire aura is just a few thousand points of damage. It works just as well as a holy freeze aura in targeting your opponents mana range.

For Holyfire : ( Pvm Dmg )

Holy fire dmg = (totallvl – 28) *3,5 + [36,5] + [38,5]

( Note : Pally-Syn = 2376% ; Fire Mastery = 716% )
Note :
Pally synergies are applied before Mastery is !!! The numbers in [ ] are min and max dmges
Some more useful information :

1. Auras all pulse in the same frame, you cannot give them a delay
2. Hoster Auras always hit before 1st joiner then 2nd Joiner …
3. Ith Charms werent shown up ingame but still provide its active sources ( only for prayer and Holy Auras )
4. In game Trade reset doubles, tripples... our number of active sources

Defense Rating

Next we have Defense Rating (or DR). We use a negative DR in the game because it act like a limited form of Smite / Doudge. Because of the negative DR smite can't hit you if the person dosent have the right amount of TD%. The common negative DR is -110.

The full range of neg. DR is -1 to 2.14 billion for an 1.09.

Credit given to Set for Attack speed , Damages and Defence Values.

Attack speed, Damages and Defence. Riw3r8

Never Retreat , Never surrender. What we do in life , Echoes in eternity
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Attack speed, Damages and Defence.
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