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[i]An Introduction to House of Legends.

Founding and Path

The House of Legends Clan was officially founded on June 27, 2010 that arose as an independent Clan-Nation from the last entities of the original version 1.09 era HoL, in which the beginning of the Legit Community was revolutionized and as we know it today.To those whom are already serving HoL by being part of it or those who are now considering to become part of it, consider joining the present and future driving force behind it all: House of Legends Clan. Please take the time to learn about the HoL, what it stands for, how it works and what it offers in terms of governance: branches, titles, positions, ranks and duties.Tournaments, Mini-Tournaments, Single Elimination Team Bets, Ladders, Bet Challenges and Side Bets, Battle Force Tournaments, King Events, Free-for-Alls, Classic Duels and other separate events sponsored by HoL.

After taking the time to become enlightened about House of Legends, if you have an interest in the dueling community have or consider building a future legit character and wish to join the clan, go to the Guild main-page and put in a request to join or just post in this thread with a request to join. If member slots are not yet available, they will be made available. After submitting your request to join, you just wait until you are contacted by one of the top staff members . At which time, you will be accepted into the House of Legends. If you would like to interview for a more active and demanding role, title, position or rank, you may PM one of the top staff members about it.

Please visit The Official House of Legends News and Updates Thread to learn everything about the Clan.

Clan Statistics:


All realms are welcome.


Clan House of Legends.

Public Games

Pro Legit Duelz

Mission Statement

The mission of House of Legends is to provide a new, bold and universal approach to Legit, in the eyes of the legit Community, in which every member of the Clan has and plays an important role, including responsibilities in several different key positions and ranks that can and may affect the Legit Community and HoL as a whole, that will increase new membership, activity, participation and much more interest in those who question or may have not considered the Legit path ever before.

Never Retreat , Never surrender. What we do in life, Echoes in eternity.

Welcome to House of Legends.

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House of Legends
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