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 Sheriff's Ultimate Bowa Zon Guide.

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Sheriff's Ultimate Bowa Zon Guide. Empty
PostSubject: Sheriff's Ultimate Bowa Zon Guide.   Sheriff's Ultimate Bowa Zon Guide. EmptyWed Aug 11, 2010 9:52 am

Introduction :

The amazon is probably one of the most underrated characters in the entire D2 realm and despite what many people believe, is one of the best 1v1 duelers, and one of the best ally in a TVT. The reason for the collapse of the golden age of amazons is that zons are hopeless against bm'ers. Despite this critical downfall, I've played zons throughout my D2 days, and I've posted several guides already.This Guide is based on budget/rich setups that u can obtain in close bnet, so do not ask like..? where is the bb belt.. cause is auto face slaps . Now enjoy and if your r a started in zon's this is all u will ever need to know.

Not everything I post will be my own work. I will be siting many sources, including elusive, chase, engel, Legolas-III, pbballer, tmr. Chase, engel, pbballer, I won't site directly because we've discussed many builds together, as well as general zon features.

Zons are extremely compatible with many builds. There is no one good way to build a zon, but there are many ways not to make a zon..

Please note, that the zva build and the zvz build are interchangeable on the same zon. But you'll need to be careful on what items you want to keep in your stash since there is limited space. (I have 3 shields, 2 bows, 3 helms, 4 belts, 2 boots, 2 gloves, 3 rings,6 changeable small charms on my zon and in stash. I have 2 more bows on a mule char for when i get bored.

The mld zon should not be attempted on a budget. Be prepared to spend a good 15-20k on her if you want to make her work. The upside to this is that you actually are able to dominate hld pub duels. I guess dominate is somewhat of an overstatement, but you will be accused of: hacking, buying gear off of sites, hacking, cheating, hacking, and hacking. Its quite amusing actually and its worth every penny.

In this thread, I will include 3 guides and an FAQ section, separated onto three different posts. Please make sure to view the 2 posts after this one as well.

Note that none of my builds are cheap. The minimum budget to reflect anything that I calculated as optimum will have to be well over 5k. Currently, I've invested around 40-50k into my 2 zons. (true some were bad trades =p)

Vita zons vs Glass Cannons:

I moved this section from the FAQ due to all the clueless people saying vitazons are the be all and end all of bowazons. Vitazons gained sudden popularity again these days because it was different from the norm. No other reason for it. 09~1.12, glass cannons have dominated the field of bowazons and something different caught wind and boom! Everyone jumps on the bandwagon with broken wheels. Everyone seems to think vita>glass cannon. I have made vitazons before and I will tell you that 90% of the people who read this guide CANNOT afford to make a vitazon that will fare better than a glass cannon. Vitazons need to be able to tank, but also be able to deal enough damage in order to utilize their added viability. I have the unique experience of telling you that I’ve made TONS of amazons. People who know me know that I don’t even keep an enigma on my mules (absolutely useless item after I failed on the telezon setup). This doesn’t mean the glass cannon is the holy grail of amazons. With the advent of runewords, glass cannons can still tank to not die in 1 shot and still deal enough damage to kill opponents. Build your zon with a nice distribution of stats that YOU’re comfortable with and can afford.

ZvA Build:

The two possible gear choices are available below.


Helm: 120-45 30 frw, 120-45 100 life, 40-15 shako, kiras, coa

Here are the stats conversions:

5 frw = 20 life (since you're going to need frw from charms, every 5 frw you get from your gear is another open slot in your inventory for a 32020)
1 dex = 3 life
1 str = 3 life
1 vit = 3 life

Knowing these:

120-45 30 frw > 120 life. This is the most practical helm to chose if you want to use a fortitude, though I prefer the 16060 build.
120-45 100 life > 100 life. I only recommend using this for the sexiness of this helm. Zons are meant to be sexy and a 20 life loss is no big deal if you feel 100 life 120-45 looks amazing.
120-45 stats > you can get up to 30 dex and 30 str from tiaras and diadems. but even perf equates to only 90 life. I don't recommend this unless you want to go glass cannon.

Shako - by far the greatest helm ever invented by bnet. With 2 skills, 10 damage reduction, 130+ life, 130+ mana, 2 to all stats, its the perfect item. you can chose to put a 15 resist - 15 ias jewel in it, or a 40-15 jewel in it

Kiras - a quick fix when you need lots of resist. While its not a good permanent helm, definately a keeper in your stash. 15-15 jewel is a goodie here, or a 9/15 depending on gloves/ammy.

Coa- what the fuck do you think you're making? this is a bowazon, keep the coa on your smiter to come back and bm hackers. Only use this if you are extremely rich and can afford jewels that don't currently exist on bnet.

Ammy: Cats eye, 08 highlords

Cats eye: No questions asked. 30 frw = 120 life. 25 dex= damage. 20 ias = 95 ias bp. Only beat by 08 highlords. Don't even think about using 09 lords.

08 lords: its basically 1 skill + 35 lite resist + Deadly strike vs 25 dex on cats eye.


The most important part of z v a. It is easily shopped at charsi.

Boots: war travs, 08 gores

Using 5 frw = 20 life,
war travs adds str, damage and life. Gores adds less damage damage, DS, OW, 20 life.
You can choose depending on your helm/armor choice. Both are good, travs are better but gores are sexier. Do what you please.

Why you shouldn't use rare boots are in the FAQ section, a lovely calculation done by legolas-III

ring: p ravens + dual stat rings

ravens for ar, 20 dex, but primarily for Cannot Be Frozen. Dual stat ring must have at least 19 str and 14 dex. resist/damage/ar/life/mana/replenish life are bonuses.

Ideal dual stat ring: 25 str, 15 dex, 60 life, 90 mana <- this doesn't exist on bnet as far as I know =p

Belt: Verdungoes, sexy crafted, nosferatus coil

40 vit = 120 life, 15 damage reduction, 13 life replen. Amazing belt for zons, and any non casters in general.

Crafted, you're looking for fhr, 20+ str, 70+ life, 7+ ow, resists (cold/lite preferred).
I currently use: 17 fhr, 24 str = 72 life, 73 life, 8 open wounds, 24 cold resist belt.

Nosferatus is only to reach bp for one type of build that I don't recommend.

Gloves: sexy crafted

Ideal gloves would be: 2 passive/bow+ 20 ias + 15 str + 15 dex + resist + knock back. 20 ias is necessary, kb is necessary. Find the best ones you can get a hold of.

Weapon: Faith GM

14+ fanat for faith gm, 2 skills and 3 bowa is necessary! Also, 15% ed gives more damage than 15 fanat. So if your'e ever stuck between 15/2/3/330 and a 14/2/3/344-345, then the latter will be the better choice.

Armor: 16060, fort

16060 > lots of damage, allows for versatility. Get one with the highest life you can. Note that there are certain armors that reduce your frw. Get ones that don't. These armors are listed in the FAQ section

Fort: Lots of damage. resist, life. Great armor but the downside is the reduced versatility. Note that there are certain armors that reduce your frw. Get ones that don't.

Switch Shield: 4 soc monarch with -30 req's (jah jah jah jah'd), 3 soc jeweler's xxx of colossus (ber, ber, ber'd) 3 soc jeweler's xxx of colossus (jah jah jah'd),

I'm assuming you can afford one of these shields. Storm Sheild requires too much strength and doesn't offer as much as any of these shields. If you don't believe me, post and i'll explain more indepth.

For the skeptics, use a dol'd storm shield for zvz.

Its a good idea to keep both the ber ber ber sheild and the jah jah jah (jah) shield in your stash to allow for more versatility against certain characters.

Note that there are certain shields that reduce your frw. Get ones that don't. These are listed in the FAQ section

Swith Eth upt titans

You actually use these in duels. LOL OMG WTF. yes. Their damage is extremely important and the frw and skill are all bonuses. get the best ones you can.

Charms: 32020/320-5's. 10/xx/45's, 5 to all resist- 5 faster run walk, 5 resist, 20 life

Chose a set you want that balances life/damage/resist in the best way possible. 3/xx/20's and 3/xx/5's are the way to go. The lost life > damage gained by using gc's.


These are how the above gear fits into place.

Dr build:

helm: 40-15 shako or 15-15 shako / 40 ed - 20 life jewel shako or ber'd shako
ammy: 08 lords / cats eye
bow: faith GM
boots: 08 gores, war travs
armor: 16060 100 life wyrm/husk/dusk/wire/archon
belt: verdungo
Ring: ravens / dual stats ring
gloves: 20 ias, kb, other godly stats you can find
weapon swith: eth upt titans
sheild switch: jeweler's shield of colossus jahjahjah or berberber

With the most elite gear, you get at level 95 without prebuff or BO:

1.7-1.9k life
5.7-6k damage at 7 fpa.
25-33 dr with bow out
25-49 dr with sheild out

The not so Fragile Glass Cannon Build (Plastic Cannon Build?):

helm: 120-45 30 frw
ammy: cats eye
bow: faith gm
boots: 08 gores, war travs
armor: fort wyrm/husk/dusk/wire/archon
belt: nosferatus
ring: ravens/dual stats ring
gloves: 20 ias, kb, other godly stats you can find
weapon swith: eth upt titans
sheild switch: jeweler's shield of colossus jahjahjah or berberber or jeweler's monarch of simplicity berberber

with the most elite gear, you get at level 95:

1.3-1.5k life
6.7-7k damage
0 dr with bow out
up to 32 dr with sheild out

NOTE: These builds are very versatile. Say that you can't find a 20 ias but glvoes with 2 passive, kb, 15 dex, 15 str, resist. Then you can just use cats eye and a 15 ias jewel in your shako to make up for the loss in kb in the first build.


Get crit strike to 72%
Get dodge to 50%
Get avoid to 70%
Get evade to 60%
max guided
1 point into jab
1 point into lb
1 point into valk
1 point into prereq
1 into fury
1 into strafe
rest into multi heart.gif
*I put one point into penetrate/pierce -> works great against druids and necroes. I felt it was well worth the 2 points but you can choose otherwise.

The uses of Lite bolt and fury are explained later!

The reason for not maxing the passives are listed in the FAQ section.


with this build, you won't need to invest ANY points into str, or energy. If you have to, you didn't purchase the optimum gear, and thus your stats will suffer a little.
You will get the projected life, and damage listed above, or something similar
Resists, will depend on your ring, belt, gloves. But when you're fighting casters, you have a kiras anyways. keep all your resists positive when entering a duel game, if you're having trouble with elemental damage, put your 15-15 kiras on with some sorb and you're good to go.
Frw: your run walk is like your teleport. Now if you only have 80 frw, thats like teleporting at 12 fps. Because we all know that decent sorcs are teleporting at 7 or 8 frames, we will run at LEAST 150 frw where desync actually works! great =)
fhr: none! dodge and evade are not affected by fhr. More will be explained in the FAQ section

Game Strategies:


You should always leave town with sheild out for block + frw given from titans. When you are at a safe distance, start shooting. Never stand still on a zon. You are either: moving with your sheild out or you are shooting with your bow out with an exception to a few cases which I mention later. When you are standing still throwing LB, make sure you are in walk mode which increases your block and chance of survival substantially. Your block is 1/3 when you are running even if you are standing still! Make a habbit of WALKING and not RUNNING.

Wsg- weapon switch glitch. If you switch your weapon while in a stun lock, you'll get out of it.Try this with your friend. Get a trapper to mb you like crazy while you're switching your weapon and walking casually through the mb.

Namelock guided is amazingly important.

Desync - keep moving and you're going to move faster than the server can handle and appear to be somewhere you're not - like a mirage. =)


Hammer: if they are tele, shoot one, start running, shoot one, start running...Do not linger even if the pally is far away. Fit in 1 arow and run. Generally easy. I beat even tmc, aa, and ra hammerdins if they tele. (or at least make them town because of their chicken)

Hammer: if they are charge, same strategy except you have to go in zigzags and lead them to puddles and hope they get charge locked.Do not linger even if the pally is far away - Pallies can desync with charge, meanig they'll appear where they are actually not! Taste of your medicine eh? Fit in 1 arow and run. lb if the pally has you charge locked so that he'll be knocked back and you can fit in some arrows or continue to spam lb. He wont be able to get at you once you have him lb locked and he'll have to retreat and try to desync again, at which time you spam arrows into the direction you feel he'll come again. Feel free to use the wsg here but the block is almost crucial. Also, quickly switch to walk modes to increase your block when you see him on your screen. You won't be able to outrun him.

Smiter: guided arrow like 3 times once he is on your map. Even if he is far away, he could desync so don't wait for him to come. After that, run in the opposite direction and light bolt him to knock him back and get him charge locked. Lead him to puddles, its going to be a pretty tough fight especially in pubs. Hope he has low lite resist. Use the same method used for charge hammers. But realize grief is a strong weapon and make sue you are WALKING. If you block, then you are not in charge lock and can thrown lb's more easily!

Zealot: not much problem. Similar to smiter/charge hammer except they tend to have lower resist= easy.

Foh: could be hard, could be easy. Hope that your avoid kicks in. What I usually do, is run up to him, get him namelocked and spam. If he's smart, he'll run away. If he's not, you win. It really depends on your passives. Get kiras + wisps if you want the extra help. They're not too hard.


CS: run shoot, run shoot, if they get too close, lb to knock them back. Should be ok as long as you have more frw than them.

FC zons: you need to town hug, and hope you hit them a lot. If not, put on kira's, tgods and wisps and sorb him. his cs shouldn't hurt you anymore but his lite fury will once he realizes what you're doing and gets his eth upt titans. Since you have 0 dr, you're screwed. SO you can put on your sorb + berberber sheild and get some dr and either, jab him or throw fury / lb at him. You should do more damage with fury due to all the ed gear you have on.

Bowazons: refer to zvz strategies.


WWsins: These guys can be really easy or really tough. Try to stay far away and shoot at them. When you see them close to you, take out ur titans and LB them. Most ww sins have a trouble with resist so 4k lite damage might hurt them a lot (unless they fade in which case you're pretty screwed). And try to fit in arrows while he is ww'ing. The poison / ow hurts you a lot due to lack of resist and low life so expect these guys to be harder than bvc. 2 hits at different times means you have 1 life. One of the unrecognized nemisis of the zon.

trappers: keep your distance if you can and snipe them. Your range >> theirs so they're forced to be cunning or offensive. If they are offensive, just mind that one trap they cast and avoid it manually and if you have trouble, hope avoid will save you. Namelock them, they shouldn't be able to tank too much of your arrows. if he has you stuck in mb, use the wsg. It really gives you the edge that pushes you over trappers


ele druid: multi from far to get rid of his puppies, desync him and make him tele to weird spots and shoot him. Multi at him like crazy and if he is smart, he will retreat. If he doesn't, you win. They have pretty low lives so they can be easy if their the mediocre pubs. If they have max block, it can be hard. Use similar strategy as hammerdins. Avoid their hurricane and keep them stuck in ur arrows. Even if they retreat to get more puppies, you'll be able to fit in a few hits if they're not max block. If they have low fhr, relatively easy duel. Max block = hard duel.

Fury: if they have lots of frw, just lb them to knock them back and shoot arrows. Shouldn't be too hard. Theres only a few good furies on east and you wont find them in pub games.

War cry: looool. If you loose to one of these, go sell your zon to charsi.

WW: these guys are pretty tough. You see one coming at you, shoot as many as you can and switch to sheild and hit r so that you are walking. Now start shooting fury at them as if there was no tomorrow. If they are smart, they will do short ww's. Then it gets difficult. If they do long ww. Christmas! take out bow and start shooting again. Its pretty essential that you are good with avoiding his tele ww's. If he gets out his storm sheild, same procedure but use lite bolt instead of fury.


Blizz: Really hard if its built properly. es + blizz = zon's worst nightmare. dont move and stand and shoot while he's off your screen. When you see his foot on your screen, time to run! Run with bow out and shoot while running. Try to name lock them. Once you have them namelocked. your chances of winning increase drastically. Good ones are damn impossible. Most pubs are ez. Just make sure you SM them at one point so ice blast isn't a factor

Fire: these guys are kinda tough. arrows have a higher range than fbs so shoot in their direction. Kinda harder if they are more aggressive but most should be ez enough for you if they don't have es. As a general rule, host all the sorcs when you enter a game. If you're really having trouble, use slow missiles and you shouldn't lose.

Orb: with your high resist for cold and cold absorb and cannot be frozen, your key here is to once again stand and shoot at the sorc. For this kind of sorc, where you can't dodge the projectiles, its a good idea to get our kiras out. Name lock = their death. Now the tough part is if they use b manas. You're gonna dodge a lot more than you get hit so don't worry, just avoid the big orb thing when it comes at you.

Lite: these guys can be ez or really hard. Pretty much same strategy as the fire but never let them come close to you. Nova and charged bolt will kill you! nova will mean your death since it cannot be slow'd.

Summon: You need the knockback. Multi shot them until the minions get scattered and 1-2 will hit the necro. Name lock him if possible. If you name lock him, you win. Your guided goes through his minions right to the necro if you ahve him namelocked. Don't worry too much about these guys cause even if you die, you get ur bod and repeat until he dies. He has to waste another 10 minutes getting his summons.

Poison Nova: These guys are funny. I've never met a REALLY tough one so I will generalize. If you play smart, you will win most of the time. Be quick on ur feet and don't let him get too close to you. You can dodge those nova and those nova cost a lot of mana so run/multi combo. Try to snipe them down with GA before they get close to you. If you get hit by a nova, their fire golem will finish you off. Kidna fun duels.

Bone Necro: The easy ones are really fun but the hard ones can be a bitch. Their spirits/spears don't hurt as much so expect to tank at least 4 good hits. Don't let him prison you! If he does, multi and run. The ones who spam IBS from far away are easy because arrows are faster and harder. Try to snipe him and name lock him. 2 shots, his bone armor is gone and another 2 shots hes dead. If he comes close to you and bone spirit, dont run and name lock him. Chances are you'll dodge them and kill him with GA if you name lock him. If your aim is bad, multi is a good tool to use as necros generally have low life and low block so it should be pretty easy. The ones who are good at using IBS, teeth and of course aiming spear, these guys can be REALLY tough for you. bone spear shoots so fast that you won't be able to shoot arrows. take out ur sheild and run away if he has you named locked with spear. run/ga against these guys. Generally, ones with max block are tough and ones without max block is decent. Don't even try against vives, max block, prison. SM is a good idea here too. The main problem is that the golem hits you, slowing you down to 8 fpa. try to at least get rid of the golem from afar. If they get aggressive, then your 1 point invested into strafe shines here. strafe to get rid of his bone armor and guided kill him!

ZvZ Build:

This build is recommended for people who are rich, want a trophy char, or just purely love zvz. I recommend you mix this build with the zvz/zva build so that you get some versatility.

ZVZ is all about sex factor and skill. You can probably beat who you can beat and lose to whoever you're gonna lose to anyways. Make your zon as sexy as you can and make her a trophy.

What you're aiming for:

Life: aiming for 1.2-1.3k life
Damage Reduction: 45 with bow out
Resist: aiming for all positive resist with bow, thought it really doesn't matter
fhr: none. dodge and avoid and evade are not effected by fhr.
frw: 150% with bow out, 180 with sheild out ofc.


Helm: 120-45 30frw, 120-45 100 life, 120-45 30 dex, 120-45 30 str. rare, 2 zon, dex, str, life, 2 soc

Here's the conversion:

Because, you're only spending points into str to wear gear, every point your save can go into 1 vit, giving 3 life. Also, since you need 150 frw, every 5% frw you get, thats 20 life saved (since you need 1 space for 1 3/20/5 charm and 1 space for 32020 charm)

1 str = 3 life
1 dex = 1% ed
1 vit = 3 life
5 frw = 20 life

you need this helm for the bp. I suggest 30 frw cause you're going to need LOTS of frw anyways. If you find 100 life is more sexy or if you have a lucky number like 99, go for the 120-45 99 lifer.

You can use the rare helm if you chose faith diamond and still hit 7 fpa. Good stats are: 2 zon, 30 frw, 2 soc, 60 life, lite resist

Ammy: Cats eye, 08 lords
As sexy as 08 lords are, you're gonna need the cats eye for bp for faith gm.

If you're using faith diamond, you can use 08 lords if you chose 120-45.

The most important part of z v a. It is easily shopped at charsi.

Boots: war travs, 08 gores, uprgaded 65 life waterwalks, sexy rare
war travs adds str, damage and life. Gores adds damage, DS, 20 life. You can choose depending on your helm/armor choice. Both are good,

Waterwalks are sexy, adds life, adds some damage. War travs are better, but if you think waterwalks are more rare and sexy, go for it

Rare or crafted boots with mass life replen, 30 frw, 10% fhr with like resists, dex, mana. Find the best combination you can.

Ring: p ravens + dual stat rings
ravens for ar, 20 dex, CBF. Dual stat ring must have at least 19 str and 14 dex. resist/damage/ar/life/mana/replenish life are bonuses.

Ideal dual stat ring: 25 str, 15 dex, 60 life, 90 mana with replen or min damage.

Belt: Verdungoes, sexy crafted
If you want the 15% extra dr on top of 30% from shaft, then you need to use dungoes.

Crafted, you're looking for fhr, 20+ str, 70+ life, 7+ ow, resists (cold/lite preferred)

Gloves: sexy crafted

Ideal gloves would be: 2 passive/bow+ 20 ias + 15 str + 15 dex + resist + knock back. 20 ias is necessary, but kb is not necessary. Since you probably wont be hitting twice consecutively, the kb animation doesn't do much for our cause.

You can also find crafted ones with crushing blow if you like them more for zvz'ing.

Weapon: Faith GM, Faith Diamond
Perfect stats please, none else

Armor: Shaft -
The point of this armor is the 30% dr and 60 life. 40-15 ias this sexy beast. Try to get a glitched shaft for the added sexorr.

Switch: 4 soc monarch with -30 req's (jah jah jah jah'd), 3 soc jeweler's xxx of colossus (ber, ber, ber'd) 3 soc jeweler's xxx of colossus (jah jah jah'd), Eth upt titans
I'm assuming you can afford one of these shields. Storm Sheild requires too much strength and doesn't offer as much as any of these shields. If you don't believe me, post and i'll explain more indepth.

the ber ber ber sheild is only if you don't plan to wear dungoes. If you want the extra 5% dr, you can put a ber in place of 1 jah in any of these sockets.

The titans are for frw, and damage for this build. Afford a 190% + eth UPT titans.

Charms: 32020s/320-5s, 10/xx/45's
Best get 150 frw with bow out. Rest is 32020s or 10/xx/45's. Do what you want. I went 3/xx/20’s and 3/xx/5frw’s.

Total: damage should be around 5.7-6k, life should be around 1.3k with faith GM


Get crit strike to 72%
Get dodge to 50%
Get avoid to 70%
Get evade to 60%
max guided
1 point into jab
1 point into lb
1 point into valk
1 point to fury
1 point into prereq
rest into multi heart.gif


This build, you can chose to do many things. 5k guided is enough to zvz to be honest, because most zons in zvz don't have too much life anyways. Do what youw ant and feel free to invest some points into life. I find that the 5.7k-6k and 1.3k life is a nice balance. If you chose the latter, you have enough life, and damage to use my zva build as well.

Some Hints:


Theres tons of places you can duel. don't stick around to the boring blood moor. Go to act 3, arreat summit, worldstone chamber, chaos sanctuary, etc. All duels are held in nm!! remember that when you're making games.

Is Slow Missle BM?

no, but if you're stupid enough to get sm'd then you deserve to play defensive for 1 minute. Not to mention, you can sm back =/ Some new zvz'ers consider sm bm and so it would be safe to ask before you duel to avoid trouble later XD.

Is Lite Bolt BM?

no, if they're charging you with lite bolt, then sm them and run / shoot arrows. Even if you get hit, it shouldn't hurt too much in nm anyways. But once again, some new zvz'ers consider lb bm so it'd be safe to ask before.

General Rules:

although this is unofficial now, in 08, you were only allowed to shoot 3 multi's in a row. Don't spam multi with mass mana pots. People wont take you seriously.

zvz is kinda like golf. If you want to cheat, go ahead, but you don't get much out of it other than someone's ear =/. Have fun, don't cheat, learn lots about the zon!


there's certain armors and shields that will lower your frw by a certain amount. Find out what these are and try to avoid them if you can (I couldn't =()


you want to have your shield out for most of the duel of course. And remember, if you're walking, you have a higher chance of blocking XD.

I'm not going to give specific details on how to duel zvz because you just need to develop your style =)

MLD Build:

Don’t bother with this build unless you are willing to invest good fg into her. 10,000 will probably NOT get you a decent zon. The upside is that you will probably be able to beat characters that are almost double your level.

What you're aiming for:

Life: aiming for 1k life
Damage Reduction: 0-15 with bow out
Resist: Sorry you’re not going to have much in hell. You’re going to die to any one blizz, fireball, lightning, so just don’t bother. (This is in hell of course). When you are mld vs mld, then you will have enough resists to deal with all of the elements.
fhr: none. dodge and avoid and evade are not effected by fhr.
frw: 120% with bow out, 150 with sheild out ofc.


Helm: 3 passive/30 frw – 60-30’d, 90-45, 08 gaze

Of course, your bow choice will have a lot to do with this but this is the typical mld zon helm. A godly rare will of course beat this, but I have yet to see one worthy of use. If you don’t need the ias, socket with 30-9 dex.

Optimal: 2 passive, 60 life, 2 sockets, 30 frw, resists

The 90-45 choice is ONLY if you for some reason need the extra ias. I guess this would be for some obscure resists setup OR if you really want knockback on your rare matri.

Gaze is a lovely helm that every zon should keep in stash. Socket this sexorr with 30-15 or 30-9 dex. You will lose your 7 fpa with most bows But you will gain 25% dr.

No, you cannot get an artisan’s tiara of speed – all 3 socket circlet types are above level 49. You have to go with crowns if you want the sockets.

Ammy: 3 passive 100 life, fiend sundar, sexy crafted

You shouldn’t use dupes in mld/lld, but what can you do when there’s obviously a better choice? Imp brow is garbage. Don’t even consider it. Fiend sundar is the barb ammy on east but its stats are easily worth the loss in skills. I’m waiting for a crafted ammy:
2 passive, 10 frw, 80 life, resists

3 passive 100 life amulets are great as well if you are on a different relm/want to go legit. Its pretty damn impossible to beat this amulet even with a craft. The craft I posted above only offers 20 more life than this with a loss of 1 to passive skills. I think the one to passives is more valuable in mld. There better be some godly resists on the amu to be worth using.


The most important part of zons. It is easily shopped at charsi.

boots: eth war travs
war travs adds str, damage and life. Get these eth so that you save on that extra 10 str. They will almost never break. I’m still using my first pair after a year of use.

Ring: p ravens + dual stat rings
ravens for ar, 20 dex, CBF. Dual stat ring should have have at least 15 str and 15 dex. resist/damage/ar/life/mana/replenish life are bonuses.

Ideal dual stat ring: 15 str, 15 dex, 90 mana with replen or min damage.

Belt: Classic belts, sexy crafted, string
There’s some godly classic belts on each relm. Take advantage of those. My current one is a rare classic dupe.

Crafted, you're looking for fhr, 9 str, 70+ life, 10 ow, resists (cold/lite preferred)

Keep a string of ears in your stash to get dr in zvz.

Gloves: sexy rare, or 08 patch gloves
Ideal gloves would be: 2 passive/bow+ 20 ias + 9 str + 15 dex + resist. 20 ias is necessary. These are pretty damn impossible to find. Find the best that you can, I had to suffice with 2 passive, 15 dex, 20 ias, 30 resist to each.

Or you can look for a local pair of dupes on your relm. There’s a bunch with 19 str, 14 dex, 30+ life, 30+ mana + resists. These are hard to beat if you don’t need the ias. I recommend these with 0 speed, or -10 speed bows.

It is impossible to get 20 ias kb gloves at mld.

Weapon: Rare/magic
This is the item that will make or break your mld zon. Get the best one you can in a matri bow to hit 7 fpa. These are the bp’s, the bolded ones are the ones that you should look for in mld.

Blade Bow, Great Bow, Matriarchal Bow (-10) 0% 8% 22% 42% 75% 142%
Shadow Bow, Diamond Bow, Ward Bow (0) 0% 9% 20% 37% 63% 105% 200%
Spider Bow (5) 0% 10% 15% 30% 50% 75% 125% 240%
Crusader Bow, Hydra Bow, Grand Matron Bow (10) 0% 5% 11% 22% 35% 56% 89% 147% 293%

You are able to get: 450%ed, 20 ias, 2 sockets, 20 max on a mld bow. (currently mine is one of the best on bnet and its not even close to those stats).

I keep a nef’d rogue’s bow in stash but this is a temp until I find my cruel matri of alactrity.

I have never tested out 5 speed bows on mld (but I did use it at one point on one of my hld zons). The speed greatly outweighs the damage. Get a 7 fpa bow unless you find a shadow bow you can’t refuse.

Armor: Shaft, 120-60 100 life, 60-60 100 life
Shaft: The point of this armor is the 30% dr and 60 life. 30-15 ias this sexy beast. Or a 30-9 depending on your ias needs. Try to get a glitched shaft for the added sexorr and reduced str requirement.

120-60 100 life dusk – Yea.. these are expensive and damn near impossible to come by. But dusks are the only light armors at mld so you don’t have a choice!

60-60 ias 100 life dusk – yea.. same as above but you need the resists against sorcs.

Switch: jkod – shael dol dol, shael dol shael, Eth titans
For faster block and life replen. Yum.

I don’t personally have a 90-45 jkod (mainly because I don’t have room in my stash), but I can see one being useful vs smiters and barbs. Not too sure if the increased ias will help too much though so 30-9’s may be the better choice. If someone has tried this, let me know!

The titans are for frw, and damage for this build. Afford a 200% + eth titans.

Charms: 32020s/320-5s
Best get 120 frw with bow out. Rest is 32020s

Total: damage should be around 3k, life should be around 1k. Of course could be higher with the best gear, but a decent mld zon is defined by these parameters.


1 point to dodge
1 point to inner sight
1 point to slow missile
1 point to decoy
1 point to valk
1 point into prereq
Max guided
Which leaves you with:
Critical strike, avoid, evade, multi.

The skill arrangement of these 4 heavily depends on your items. Unlike hld, you want to get items that gives you skills! So if you have difficulty finding the right gloves, right amulet, the right helm, your skill distribution should change. Feel free to post or PM me if you plan on making an mld zon with ALL of your gear and I will plan something out for your if you so desire.


Once again, due to the high variation in items, I can’t give you an exact number. However, try to reach the 3k damage and 1k life. My zon does a bit more than 3k and has 1.1k life. You will need to invest a few points into strength, even with perfect gear. The rest is a balance between vitality and dexterity.


Basic Amazon revealed:

Starting Stats Stat Point Returns
Strength Dexterity Vitality Energy
20 25 20 15

Life per Vitality Mana per Energy
3 1.5
Faster Hit Recovery Breakpoints Faster Cast Rate Breakpoints
Frame 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3
FHR Needed 0% 6% 13% 20% 32% 52% 86% 174% 600%

Frame 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11
FCR Needed 0% 7% 14% 22% 32% 48% 68% 99% 152%

Faster Block Rate (vs. 1H swinging weapons) Faster Block Rate (vs. 1H thrusting weapons)
Frame 5 4 3 2 1
FBR needed 0% 13% 32% 86% 600%

Frame 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5
FBR needed 0% 4% 6% 11% 15% 23% 29% 40% 56% 80% 120% 200% 480%

Bow IAS Breakpoints

Frame 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7
Blade Bow, Great Bow, Matriarchal Bow (-10) 0% 8% 22% 42% 75% 142%
Shadow Bow, Diamond Bow, Ward Bow (0) 0% 9% 20% 37% 63% 105% 200%
Spider Bow (5) 0% 10% 15% 30% 50% 75% 125% 240%
Crusader Bow, Hydra Bow, Grand Matron Bow (10) 0% 5% 11% 22% 35% 56% 89% 147% 293%

Should you get fhr?

No, The recovery speed of the amazon's Dodge, Avoid and Evade skills is always 8 frames. (There are 25 frames in 1 second.). With 50% chance to dodge a melee attack, 70% chance to dodge a projectile, 60% chance to dodge a melee or a projectile while running, the chances of getting hit twice in a row = slimmm. You're going to dodge more than get hit. Thats the point of passives. While fhr is not bad to have, and its a bonus you should be looking in your items, using highly taxing items such as g spurs or coa is a big no no.

Should I use duped rare boots?

the courtesy of Legolas-III:
Using rare boots over war travs is a bad idea even on a pure vita bowazon because you can simply substitute 8x 20/5s to make up 40 res and you'll still gain +15 min (vital) and +1 max damage from war travs. The only rare boots that compare are wraith brands on west NL and even those force you to lose the +15 min damage in exchange for 50 life.
I agree. And since wraith brands are west nl boots, on east, travs > all.

Should I use cta / spirit on switch?

wtf have you been reading? go back to the first page dueling strategies and see how much you use titans. If you feel you need bo to duel, keep a cta / lidless in your stash. NO you will not be getting spirit and wasting 152 strength. Titans gives frw which is essential for a zon and ss gives resist + dr or other sheilds give life or dr or both, something you barely have already. As well, you also get the awesome privellege of attacking with the sheild out. Your jabs / lb's HURT and are used to great effect as explained in the dueling section.

Is 8 fpa is fast enough to duel with?

Yes, 8 fpa is fast enough to duel with. Before faith was available, zons did fine with 08 wf, and I’m sure they will still do fine today. But no you won't be able to pull off anything with 4.5k damage. I'd give up ~ 500 life to get 7 fpa and 6k damage.

Max Damage calculation:

(Max damage on bow + max damage from items/charms)*(dex/100 + %ed from skills + 1+%ed on items)

Min damage calculation is the same

What is better? Faith matri or Faith GM or Faith Diamond?

Both bows have their pros and cons but many choose faith GM. Faith GM does more damage but your gear choices are really tight. You have slim to no dr which makes z v z and z v a challenging and you have less skill points/life/mana to duel with. However, you will kill other things faster but you will also die faster. Faith GM is recommended to beginner zons who will die in 1 shot anyways. Faith matri on the other hand is a nice choice when you feel that you've mastered the dueling strategies of a zon. Your gear is really flexible and you can have max dr with sheild out. You will also have extra life/mana/skills/dr/resist compared to the GM build. The downside is that you do less damage. Use this build when you can aim decently, know when to switch to sheild and when you appreciate the extra life/mana/skills/dr/resist over damage. Use Faith Diamond for the same reason as faith matri except that you get mass minimum damage, ensuring every hit is bang for its buck - especially important in zvz.

Faith GM > Faith Diamond >> Faith matri

in my humble opinion.

What are breakpoints?

As an example, if someone is using a faith GM (14 fanat) with 95 ias, and another is using faith GM (14 fanat) with 140 ias, they would shoot at the same speed. Any extra ias is a waste.

What are the Ias Breakpoints for Faith?
Credit goes to: blckdemondrgn on another site

mat bow for 7fpa
lvl 12, need 48ias
lvl 13, need 46ias
lvl 14, need 44ias
lvl 15, need 44ias

gm bow for 7fpa
lvl 12, need 99ias
lvl 13, need 95ias
lvl 14, need 92ias
lvl 15, need 92ias

What is the fastest fpa you can shoot arrows?

with faith, 7 fpa is the fastest. With wf, 8 fpa is the fastest. Refer to ias bps above.

Does poison Nerf critical damage?

No, it has been rumored that elemetal damage nerf critical strike (a zon passive skill) but this is false. While critical strike doesn't double elemental damage, it does double physical damage. For example, lets say that you do 6000 damage and of that 6000, 4000 is poison and 2000 is physical. When crit strike is triggered, you actually do 8000 damage, of which 4000 is poison and 4000 is physical.

Why do people wear War Travs?

The 15-25 damage given from war travs is amplified to around 400+ damage. It beats any other boots there are by a long shot with 10 vit and 10 str as a bonus. Only other boots worth considering are 08 gores.

What is desync?

A glitch in the game where the frames can't keep up with your speed. This makes you appear somewhere else than you really are.

How do you Desync?

Your NET faster run walk has to be 150+. this is why people aim for 150 frw - to desync. You start desyncing around 140-145 but it actually becomes effective after 150-170.

What is the difference between net frw and frw?
There are sheilds and armors that slows you down. Refer to this list:

Light Armor (ArmorSpeed=0)

Quilted Armor/Ghost Armor/Dusk Shroud
Leather Armor/Serpentskin Armor/Wyrmhide
Hard Leather Armor/Demonhide Armor/Scarab Husk
Studded Leather Armor/Trellised Armor/Wire Fleece
Breast Plate/Cuirass/Great Hauberk
Light Plate/Mage Plate/Archon Plate

Light Shields

Necromancer Shrunken Heads
Paladin Shields
Bone/Grim/Troll Nest
Spiked/Barbed/Blade Barrier

Medium Armor (ArmorSpeed=5; 5% speed decrease)

Ring Mail/Linked Mail/Diamond Mail
Chain Mail/Mesh Armor/Boneweave
Splint Mail/Russet Armor/Balrog Skin
Field Plate/Sharktooth Armor/Kraken Shell
Gothic Plate/Embossed Plate/Lacquered Plate
Ancient Armor/Ornate Armor/Sacred Armor

Medium Shields (5% speed decrease)


Heavy Armor (ArmorSpeed=10; 10% speed decrease)

Scale Mail/Tigulated Mail/Loricated Mail
Plate Mail/Templar Coat/Hellforged Plate
Full Plate/Chaos Armor/Shadow Plate

Heavy Shields (10% speed decrease)


Do zons need resist?

YES. With the advent of fort/faith, there are a lot of resist gear available. Try to have all positive resists in hell and at least 50+ cold resist and lite resist. The age of the glass cannons are over. Zons do both massive damage and can tank a certain degree.

How frw converts into life

A serious zon will have a mixture of 320-5's, 32020s, zon torch, anni in their inventory (some other charms for uniqueness is always good). Now you will strive to achieve the 150 frw. You can only do this by using a certain amount of 320-5's. The more frw you get from gear, the more 32020s you can use, which means for every 5% frw you have on ur gear, you get 20 life. Thats why 30 frw 120-45's are so expensive - because it gives 120 life in reality.

What are the frw bps?

Frw does not have any bp's per say. The more frw you have, the faster you run. However, the yield per frw decreases as you have more. For example, as you approach the 150% frw, you will see that each 320-5 makes less and less of a difference.

Why use Cats eye over highlords?

You will find that many people will tell you to use cats eye over high lords. It is true that highlords gives deadly strike, 1 to all skills, 20% ias but cats eyes are better. First off, it gives 20% ias, 35 dex (dex = damage), 30 frw (which converts to 120 life). Cats eye beats highlords hands down. Only Ammy that can compete with this is 08 lords which also gives 30 frw but lacks the 20% ias. Cats eye is the bang for the buck.

Does 5 frw charms actually give 5 frw?
Yes. Its is a really simple test. Get someone to use cats eye ammy and another to use 6 5 frw charms. They should run at the same speed.

What are the level / % for dodge, avoid, evade?
courtesy of engel:


56 lvl20
56 lvl21
57 lvl22
57 lvl23
58 lvl24
58 lvl25
58 lvl26
59 lvl27
59 lvl28
60 lvl29
60 lvl30
60 lvl31
60 lvl32
61 lvl33


65 lvl20
66 lvl21
66 lvl22
67 lvl23
67 lvl24
67 lvl25
68 lvl26
69 lvl27
69 lvl28
69 lvl29
69 lvl30
70 lvl31


56 lvl20
56 lvl21
57 lvl22
57 lvl23
58 lvl24
58 lvl25
58 lvl26
59 lvl27
59 lvl28
60 lvl29
60 lvl30
60 lvl31
60 lvl32
61 lvl33[/i]

A few Zon acronyms:

WSG = weapon switch glitch
FRW = Faster Run Walk
FPS = Frames Per Second
FPA = Frames Per Arrow
FHR = Faster Hit Recovery
SM = Slow Missoles
GA = Guided Arrows
s4s = shot for shot
AP = assissinate the president
iga = invisible guided arrow
xbow = crossbow
GMB = Grand Matron Bow

Enjoy it, and i hope u guys learned alot from it. Play hard, 1337'd [b]
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Sheriff's Ultimate Bowa Zon Guide.
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