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 Official Gm Tournaments / Ladder Rules.

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Official Gm Tournaments / Ladder Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Official Gm Tournaments / Ladder Rules.   Official Gm Tournaments / Ladder Rules. EmptyWed Aug 11, 2010 12:39 pm

Official Ladders

Hosted by Sheriff

This is an official ladder rules.

Extended absence and inactivity Rules:
-If you are going on vacation you are allowed one (1) week per every one (1) month you are on the ladder.
-If you skip/dodge 3 challenges in a row (without notifying a Ladder Moderator) you will be removed the the ladder.
-If you currently hold a paying position on the ladder you must concede/lose your spot before going on vacation/extended afk.
-If for some reason you cannot do the challenge in the allotted time frame please message a moderator with why and gives times you will be able to complete the challenge.

Ladder Moderators:

* Sheriff

Approved Referees/Ladder Helpers:

* Sheriff

General Rules

1. Dodge limit is 3 days.
2. You may only challenge two spots ahead of you.
3. You may not challenge someone that is already involved in a challenge.
4. You may not challenge someone when you have already been challenged.
5. Only one character is allowed on this ladder. If you decide to change you character, you must restart from the beginning of the ladder.
7. The day that the defender is challenged also counts for a dodge day.
8. If you are inactive, you will be removed.
9. You can not have another person duel for you.
10. All challenges are first to 5 (ft5).
11. After a match is over, the winner must post the final score, and then the loser must post to confirm that score. This will be done in this thread before the bot is updated with the corrected Rankings.
12. Take screen shots of every kill incase of any disputes.

Specific Rules


The following classes are banned from this ladder

- Cold Sins
- Orb Sorces
- Aura Din
- posion zons (hybrid or not)
- Posion Necros (posion dagger is still allowed)


- Both parties must say Go to begin the round
- No traps/missiles may be casted prior to your opponent saying 'Go'
- Towning or Teleporting passed Flavie and Bridges in case of a Bridge Map results in a loss but being pushed into town via mb/leap/telek etc etc by the opposing team is not a loss
- Do not leave town once you die
- No nking, gold stealing or mercs
- You may stack Mana in the moor only if both teams agree otherwise this may not be done
- Refusal to g mod test or show inventory/weapon swap will result in a DQ
- No prebuffing
- Recasting is allowed
- Magic Resistance is limited to 15%
- Max resist of any element is 85%
- Max absorb of any element is 20%
- When using combinations of items to absorb do not exceed 80 res/20 absorb to any 1 element
- No more than 450 total cold res may be achieved (exception: donor nigma users may go over 15 res in total not 30
- Life replenish is capped at 40 NO EXCEPTIONS
- No casting charges from items
- A maximum of one poison small charm per inventory
- All dmg reduced by integer (IE: mdr) is capped at 15
- No use of houses
- Overly defensive playing/boxing can result in a DQ at moderator discretion (this will be enforced)


- Blizzers may use Doom
- No max res or absorb gear when using energy shield
- No more than 13 bmanas


- Bone wall is banned
- Bone prison is allowed versus chars that can teleport or charge
- All curses are allowed except iron maiden and life tap
- No corpse skills are allowed
- Hot spurs are allowed (15% fire resistance from any other source is not allowed)


- T gods are not allowed


- Dual Claw sins cannot use sorb/max res
- Assasins that do not use traps as a source of damage may use a wisp/dwarf/raven


- 2 raven frosts allowed on non stacking barbs (250+ cr)
- Barbs must have 40 replenish life only on main side and switch


- Slow missiles allowed
- 2 raven frosts allowed on non stacking amazons (250+ cr)


- using a resistance aura counts as a piece of absorb/max res when it has 2 or more points use of the aura during the duel however is banned
- Holy Bolt Is Banned
- prayer/meditation/cleansing can't be used if prayer is over level 1 (even if its level 1 you you can be warned/dq'd for abusing it at moderator discretion)
- cannot skill prayer and use a cleanse ring (partner cannot wear cleanse ring also)

Ladder Rules:
You can only challenge 2 spots ahead. (Ex. Team 10 can only challenge Team 9 and Team Cool
If you win you switch places with that team (Ex. Team 7 beats Team 5, Team 7 is now Team 5 and Team 5 is Team 7.)


To enter ladder please sign-up as follows:

Site Account:
In-Game Account:
Character Name:
Character Type:

If you do not sign up in this exact way you will not be added to the ladder.

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Official Gm Tournaments / Ladder Rules.
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